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america magazine photo montage smokey fontaine


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to experience a magazine called america.  Strong word “america,” for five hundred years it has meant many things to many people and now, there is a new idea.  Born of the songs and films and styles that represent the energy of hip-hop culture, america is a music-based, fashion-driven entertainment magazine – proudly defined by the modern world. We utilize the finest talent – writers, photographers, editors, designers – to blend music and fashion and celebrity at the highest level. Stories never told, images never seen before, our language is smart, creative and loud without apology.  Our approach is sexy, fun and sophisticated.  

We call the magazine america because at no other point in history have young people been ready to show off the breadth of the culture that we so passionately create,  at no other point have we been able to express such an influential view of the world. It starts with talent, continues with imagination, and ends, above all, with beauty. Always beauty. There will be no rules, no boundaries. Simply, words and pictures to represent a new time, and perhaps, if we dare, a new identity…


Over 7 issues, 18 covers and more than 75 photo shoots, my creative director, Graham Rounthwaite, and I created some amazing images.  Here are just a few…

america magazine photo montage smokey fontaine

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